BARRACUDA - 7.5" Curly Tail

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Barracuda Baits 7.5" Curly Tail Worm Soft Plastic Bait


Hey there, angler! Let's talk about the "Barracuda Baits 7.5" Curly Tail Worm," a beast of a bait that's perfect for luring in those big bass you're dreaming about. This worm's lively curly tail will have bass thinking they've found an easy meal, making it a must-have in your tackle box.


Optimal Fishing Cover:

  • Thick Weeds: Slithers through dense vegetation without getting tangled.
  • Submerged Timber: Maneuvers around wood structures, enticing bass hiding beneath.
  • Rocky Areas: Ideal for hopping along rocky bottoms, mimicking natural prey movements.


Rigging and Methods:

  • Texas Rig: Perfect for a weedless setup to avoid snags in heavy cover.
  • Carolina Rig: Lets the worm dance seductively at a distance from the weight, appealing to deeper-dwelling fish.
  • Wacky Rig: Use when you want that hypnotic tail action to be the star, drawing strikes during the fall.


Forage Mimicry: This worm imitates small serpents and worms, favorites among predatory fish, especially when they're presented with its tempting tail action.


Package Size: Available in packs of 8, so you're ready to fish hard all day long.



Standard Colors


  • Baby Bass: Great in clear waters, shines brightest on sunny days.
  • Black Sapphire, Black Sapphire Pearl, Black w/Red Flake: Essential for murky waters; adaptable to varying light conditions.
  • Bluegill: A solid choice for clear to slightly stained waters, effective under all skies.
  • Cuda Brownie, Disco Gator, Fire Tail: Catch eyes in stained waters, performing well in both bright and overcast weather.
  • Green Pumpkin: An all-around champion for any clarity or lighting, thanks to its natural appeal.
  • June Bug, Red Bug: Dominates in darker waters or during overcast conditions.
  • Silver Bullet, Smoked Violet, Smoked Watermelon: Best suited for crystal clear waters, especially under the sun.
  • Tequila Sunrise, Texas Mud Bug: Bright and bold for murky conditions, effective regardless of sunlight.

The "Barracuda Baits 7.5” Curly Tail Worm Soft Plastic Bait" comes in three salt levels:


  • No Salt: Enhances the buoyancy for a slow, enticing flutter.
  • Light Salt: Perfect for a subtle increase in density, enhancing casting distance.
  • Heavy Salt: Ideal for quick drops into deeper zones, getting right into the strike zone.
Choose from five scent options to make the bait irresistible:

  • No Scent: Pure and simple, relying solely on motion.
  • Anise: Sweet and enticing, particularly effective in clearer waters.
  • Coffee: Great for camouflaging human scents, ideal in pressured waters.
  • Hog Sauce: A powerful mix that simulates a feast of crawfish, shrimp, and baitfish.
  • Garlic: Strong and pervasive, perfect for stained waters where scent is key.


Proudly Handmade in the USA

Crafted with precision by a Disabled American Veteran in San Antonio, Texas, ensuring quality and durability in every bait.