BARRACUDA - 3.2" RipRap

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Barracuda Baits 3.2" RipRap Soft Plastic Bait


Hey there, fellow angler! Let's talk about the "Barracuda Baits 3.2" RipRap Soft Plastic Bait," a stellar choice for those looking to snag that elusive catch. This bait's unique design and size make it a perfect fit for challenging covers and wary fish.


Optimal Fishing Cover:

  • Rocky Areas: True to its name, the RipRap excels around riprap and rocky outcrops, bouncing off obstacles and continuing its enticing swim.
  • Grass Lines: Slips effortlessly through grassy areas, mimicking prey hiding within.
  • Wood Structures: Navigate it around laydowns and stumps for potential ambush points.

Rigging and Methods:

  • Drop Shot: Ideal for vertical presentations in deeper water or suspended fish.
  • Jig Trailer: Add it to a jig to enhance its underwater action.
  • Ned Rig: Perfect for a slower, more deliberate presentation that tantalizes with its subtle movements.


Forage Mimicry: The RipRap mimics small baitfish and aquatic insects, making it irresistible to bass and other predatory fish due to its lifelike tail action and vibrations.


Package Size: Comes in packs of 8, so you're well-equipped for a day on the water.



Standard Colors


  • Baby Bass: Mimics juvenile bass, best in clear water on bright days.
  • Black Sapphire, Black Sapphire Pearl, Black w/Red Flake: Excellent for low visibility conditions; works well in both bright and overcast skies.
  • Bluegill: Perfect for clear to moderately stained waters; effective under all sky conditions.
  • Cuda Brownie, Disco Gator, Fire Tail: Bold choices for stained waters; suitable for varying light conditions.
  • Green Pumpkin: A versatile choice that performs well in all water clarities and light conditions.
  • June Bug, Red Bug: Stand out in dark waters, best on cloudy days to increase visibility.
  • Silver Bullet, Smoked Violet, Smoked Watermelon: Shines in clear waters, particularly on sunny days.
  • Tequila Sunrise, Texas Mud Bug: Vibrant options for stained waters; effective regardless of weather.
  • Watermelon w/Red Flake: Natural look for clear waters; versatile for any weather condition.

The "Barracuda Baits 3.2” RipRap Soft Plastic Bait" comes in three salt levels:


  • No Salt: Ideal for a more buoyant, slower sinking presentation.
  • Light Salt: Adds a slight heft for controlled descent.
  • Heavy Salt: Ensures a rapid sink rate, perfect for windy days or deeper waters.


Choose from five scent options to make the bait irresistible:


  • No Scent: Pure unadulterated plastic, for when you want to keep it real.
  • No Scent: Focuses purely on the visual appeal and physical action.
  • Anise: Attracts with a sweet, licorice-like aroma.
  • Coffee: Natural scent that masks human smells, perfect for clear waters.
  • Hog Sauce: A robust blend that mimics natural prey scents, ideal for enticing larger predators.
  • Garlic: Strong and pervasive, works wonders in murky conditions.


Proudly Handmade in the USA

Owned by a Disabled American Veteran, every Barracuda Bait is meticulously crafted in San Antonio, Texas, with attention to detail and a commitment to quality.