Staff Spotlight: Rolando Nandin

Welcome to our Staff Spotlight, where we showcase the passionate individuals who make our Outdoor Alphas a hub for angling enthusiasts.

Rolando Nandin is a passionate angler hailing from the city of San Antonio, Texas. Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of the Lone Star State, Rolando developed a deep love for fishing and the great outdoors.


From an early age, Rolando honed his angling skills by exploring the rivers, lakes, and surrounding waters of Texas. His determination and dedication to the sport led him to become an accomplished tournament angler. Two national wins under his belt with several top 10 finishes has helped with gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in various fishing techniques.


Rolando's expertise extends beyond just catching fish. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the local ecosystems, fish behavior, and electronics.


Not only is Rolando a skilled angler, but he also has a deep respect for nature and the environment. He advocates for responsible fishing practices.


As an angler, Rolando is not only driven by the thrill of the catch but also by the joy of sharing his passion with others. He enjoys teaching and mentoring aspiring anglers, passing down his knowledge and helping them develop their skills on the water.


Rolando Nandin is a true ambassador of the sport.


Connect with Rolando: 

Feel free to reach out to Rolando with any questions, whether you're seeking advice on the best gear or looking for insider tips on local fishing spots.