Staff Spotlight: Ray Terrazas

Welcome to our Staff Spotlight, where we showcase the passionate individuals who make our Outdoor Alphas a hub for angling enthusiasts.

Name: Ray Terrazas

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas


Favorite Place to Fish: Southern Texas coastline. However, I grew up freshwater fishing. 


Go-To Rig: As far as bait.. Carolina rig. I love jetty fishing so a Silver spoon of all sizes and types will get you alot of different species. NLBN paddle tails catch alot of different species aswell. Topwaters are just plain fun 


Top Fishing Tip from Ray: There are no bad days in fishing and there is always something to be learned. Even when you skunk. Here are a couple things I pay attention to when I'm looking for my next successful day out - barometric pressure drops, dropping below 30 along with moon phases, tides, and temperatures according to seasons. There are patterns in different waters at certain times of the year. Key into those in your area and you will have more chances of catching. 


Connect with Ray: 

Feel free to reach out to Ray with any questions, whether you're seeking advice on the best gear or looking for insider tips on local fishing spots. Reach out to him on Instagram: @southtexasfishingfam 

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