Staff Spotlight: Michael Dominguez

Welcome to our Staff Spotlight, where we showcase the passionate individuals who make our Outdoor Alphas a hub for angling enthusiasts.

Name: Michael Dominguez

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas


Favorite Place to Fish: Texas Coast


Go-To Rig: ⅛ Jighead paired with a Pearl Down South Lure XL or a Topwater 


Top Fishing Tip from Michael: You won’t find success mimicking another fisherman’s actions all the time. I often find myself trying different tactics, trying to get out of my comfort zone and discover something new. I highly encourage you to try something different than what you’re accustomed to. Be confident in what you’re throwing. Always think to yourself, this could be the cast that the big one bites. No one can become a great fisherman overnight. Studying the waters and taking back everything you did from that day, could skyrocket your success. Be patient and trust the process, your experiences and hard work will pay off.


Connect with Michael: 

Feel free to reach out to Michael with any questions, whether you're seeking advice on the best gear or looking for insider tips on local fishing spots

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