Ionic Lithium - 24V 10Ah | LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery + Bluetooth

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70% lighter than lead acid batteries Two to four times the service life (3000-5000 cycles) Great for marine, RV, floor sweepers, lift gates, UPS systems, solar energy storage Battery Management Systems (BMS) with power terminal cut-off and recovery Built in cold weather protection – Does not take a charge if temperatures are below -4C or 24F in our case. Some variations with part tolerances. Cell balancing and low voltage/over voltage protection, short-circuit protection Bluetooth technology to monitor battery status Maximize your energy potential with 99% Depth of Discharge (DOD) Drop in replacements (plug and play) Run as many needed in parallel Comes with an 3 Year Battery Warranty to give you peace of mind with your purchase. Compatible with the following chargers: Ionic, Noco Gen Pro, Dual Pro PS/ Auto, Minnkota Precision, Pro Mariner/Pro Tournament Elite, Stealth, Troll Bridge DC, Power Pole.