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Designed for the tournament fisherman who needs reliable long lasting power in any conditions. Our Ultimate Bass Boat Bundle includes three 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries that will power your trolling motor all day long even in heavy wind and currents. The 12V 125Ah dual purpose cranking battery will start your motor and power your electronics all day as well. This is the ultimate 36V package for your boat. This product bundle includes the following: THREE 12V 100Ah Ionic Batteries Power your 36V trolling systems and electronics all day MSRP $1,099 each X 3 = $3,297 ONE 12V 125Ah Ionic Battery Used as your cranking battery for most 200-250hp 4 stroke motors MSRP $1199 each ONE Ionic Four Bank Charger Charge all 4 batteries conveniently with our lightweight Four Bank Charger